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Ruby Slippers, Anyone?

February 15, 2017 by Giulietta Nardone

Hello there,

This is a post I wrote back in March 2008 when I was blogger for the month at Skirt! Magazine. That was near the beginning of the blogging craze.

Thought you might get something out of it!

Thanks, G.


Ruby Slippers, Anyone?

I enjoy writing essays because they force me to reveal my vulnerable side not only to the reader, but also to myself. Back in my late teens and twenties, I often felt trapped behind a locked emotional door. I’d bang, bang, bang on that little windowpane hoping somebody, anybody would unlock it, but no one ever did. Knuckles bruised and bleeding, I’d slump down against the door and wonder, “Is anyone ever going to rescue me?”

Many life experiences later, I discovered that the only person powerful enough to rescue me from behind that door was Giulietta. That I have always been the heroine of my own life.

And so have you.

You see, the “theys” don’t want us to know that each one of us has a pair of ruby slippers tucked away in a locked room. Special designer shoes capable of transforming our tentative womanistas into confident, powerful heroines who can leap tall solar-powered shopping carts in a single glass pump bound. The “theys” prefer we shuffle around with our heads down waiting to be rescued by a bouquet, a mate, a job title, a compliment, a new hair color.

Well, I got news for you “theys,” there’s a whole group of women reading The Month of Blogging Dangerously over here at Skirt! Magazine and we’re taking back the heroine night (and all the stars)! I mean really how long did you think you could keep us from remembering where we hid the keys to our own locked rooms?

Step aside “theys” …

Ladies, what do you say we unlock that room, put on our ruby slippers and do something heroic today? Maybe sign up for that course you’ve been circling in the continuing ed catalog for the past three years or get all fired up and pen that “letter to the editor” about a better way to run “fill-in-the-blank” or go down to your local animal shelter and show some timid feral cats a little love?

Me, I’m going to cyber hustle on over with my slippers to http://www.writers.com and sign up for this essay writing class called, “The Hero’s Journey for Storytellers.” It’s right up my essay-writing alley …

Muse thx

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