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Are You A Slave To The Mundane?

August 5, 2017 by Giulietta Nardone

Are You A Slave To The Mundane?

“Life is too short to spend it living for mundane things.” Topsy Gift

I run a lot of programs, on-line and off-line. Most people sign up with the best of intentions, they are going to attend every week and really learn to write or paint or whatever else the program is about.

Sometimes even though they are enjoying the program, they confide in me that they need to bow out because something in their everyday life needs more attention. It’s never because they just won a trip to Borneo.

And I usually get great reviews even from those students who had to leave early.

So, they are getting goodies out of attending but something pulls them away from this new thing they looked forward to.

What is happening here?

The call of the mundane boots out the call for the new and different. Most of the time, it is fear whispering for them to get away from that new, different thing and come back to the safety of the known. Come back to Mama Fear and be a good little girl/boy. Don’t ever grow up and do your own thing. That isn’t good for the flock …