Take Back Your Life!

Eat, Pray, Love Yourself More!

December 14, 2012 by Giulietta Nardone

I came into the world loving myself. Bold, boundless, brave. At some point, I learned not to love myself, not to believe in myself, not to love life. Sometimes, others who do not love themselves want to drag you down into their no-self love world. That’s how I ended up there. It was dark and cold and lonely. I found myself trying to drag others down as well. It’s one of those misery loves company scenarios. A weird recruitment program, for sure.

Then a series of people came into my life who one-by-one gave me a hand to hold onto. They lifted me up and out of that terrible place with their inspiration and enthusiasm. I will be forever indebted to those folks for taking the time to notice my plight and show me the path to the light.

Once up, I turned around to see who I could offer hope and inspiration to and there were many. If we all did reach out our hands, the world could be a loving place for all. Way too much suffering goes on in the world because folks do not love themselves enough. They do bad things to other people because of their own pain. It continues down through the generations until no one knows how it even got started or that they have the power to stop it.Can we please change that model, already? It doesn’t work. It’s hell on earth. What’s the point of it all? (more…)

Believe In Yourself: A Love Letter To The Johnathans Of The World

December 6, 2012 by Giulietta Nardone

Dear Reader,

Today is Day Five of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing, a terrific holiday program started by the kind and caring Hannah Brencher. You can read about Hannah, the genesis of this program and listen to her Ted Talk at More Love Letters. These are not gushy love letters. They are letters of encouragement and support written with love.

Hannah asked me to write a love letter to Johnathan. His friend described Johnathan’s situation as follows:

“Johnathan celebrated sixth months sober just a few days ago. In his short two decades of life he’s seen parents divorce, a brother die, and numerous friends stunted by drug addiction. He was just recently promoted at work and is finally feeling better about his life and his self. His letter requester wrote, ‘I believe that I will not always be a part of his life, although we are both major supports for each other right now. I want for Johnathan to learn and always remember that no matter how many people he loses, there will always be more love to be found and that he will never have to be alone as long as he remembers never to stop searching for the light.'” (more…)